Sustainability in B2Holding

In 2020, B2Holding reinforced its focus on sustainable development. The Group’s mission is to bridge the gap that defaulted debt represents in the credit chain between lenders and customers. Through its business, the Group plays an important role in contributing to handling society’s debt problems and is committed to acting in a sustainable way.

In 2019, B2Holding decided to strengthen its focus on and approach to sustainability. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated this process as B2Holding plays an important role in this challenging crisis. Although the full extent of the pandemic’s impact is not yet visible, B2Holding has seen increasing unemployment and economic hardship in the countries where B2Holding is present. As a consequence, the volume of non-performing loans (NPLs) in these markets has significantly increased. Through its business solutions, B2Holding plays an important role in contributing to handling society’s debt problems. B2Holding’s mission and purpose is to bridge the gap that defaulted debt represents in the credit chain between lenders and customers, and it is the Group’s responsibility to act in a sustainable way.

The world has changed with the pandemic. Customers and employees are the main priority and the key drivers of B2Holding’s sustainability strategy. As a debt collection company, B2Holding has strong social and governmental responsibilities. Additionally, the Group has a responsibility and opportunity to reduce the environmental footprint when performing the Group’s activities.

Priorities and activities in 2020

Since the pandemic reached Europe in March 2020, B2Holding’s main priority has been the health and safety of the employees. The Group has taken extensive measures to ensure business continuity under flexible work-from-home schemes. Furthermore, the Group has dedicated resources across the countries in which it operates to help those in vulnerable situations as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Group has adapted its collections strategies, offering payment solutions to accommodate vulnerable groups and those especially affected by the pandemic.

B2Holding will ensure its long-term ability to create value for the Group’s stakeholders be they customers, vendors, lenders, or employees. For this purpose, in third quarter 2020 the Group launched a materiality analysis review, redefined KPIs and is currently in the process of developing a strategic plan, including actions that will enhance the Group’s sustainability performance and ensure development.

As a result, B2Holding has expanded and strengthened the dialogue with stakeholders in order to understand their needs and expectations. Furthermore, the Group has participated in forums related to sustainability and best practices in the industry.

Preparing for the EU Taxonomy regulation

B2Holding closely monitors the EU’s work on Sustainable Finance and the EU Taxonomy regulation. The new legislative and non-legislative actions introduced in the European Green Deal and the EU Sustainable Finance Action Plan will require financial market participants and companies to consider and disclose how they are working with sustainability in a new and standardized manner.

The EU Taxonomy, a cornerstone of this work, establishes a classification system with criterias for which economic activities can be considered environmentally sustainable. Large companies will be required to disclose to what extent their turnover, investments and operational costs align with the EU Taxonomy criteria.

Going forward, B2Holding plans to analyse and disclose how the Group’s operations align with the EU Taxonomy. B2Holding will also assess how the framework can be used for internal risk management, financial planning, and strategy processes.

Vision, mission and values

B2Holding’s core values are the heart and soul of the Group. B2Holding considers the values to be a guiding force, the common language that is used and lived by every day to clearly demonstrate B2Holding’s culture. The values are the Group’s behaviours and attitudes as an organization that allows it to achieve what it wants to be (vision) doing what it must do (mission).

B2Holding believes in



  • The Group seeks to gain new knowledge and grow. Through constant development, the Group is able to adapt quickly and effectively to changing environments and to the needs of its business partners. B2Holding focuses on solutions, not problems.


  • B2Holding follows the highest ethical principles and does the right thing in all situations. The Group stands for what is right and speaks up in the event of misconduct. It is honest, responsible, accountable, and dedicated, even when challenged. Integrity is the foundation on which the Group builds trust.


  • B2Holding believes that a multicultural, inclusive, and diverse work environment is an asset. The Group values and respects people of different backgrounds and experiences. B2Holding creates a culture where everyone is welcome.


  • The Group always contributes to the best of its abilities and encourages colleagues to do the same. The Group is committed to continuous improvement. B2Holding drives change and strives to find better ways of doing things. Technology and digitalization are at the top of the agenda to increase efficiency and foster a culture of innovation.


  • B2Holding is committed to society and the environment. The Group goes beyond compliance and is accountable for its actions.

Sustainability governance

B2Holding’s work with sustainability

As part of B2Holding’s strategy for and commitment to sustainable development, ESG responsibility has been delegated to the Head of Corporate Development, a member of
the Group Management.

The Board recognize the development of a sustainability strategy as a strategic focus for the Group.

In early 2021, a Group Sustainability Committee (GSC) was created to ensure coordination and integration in the Group. Led by the Head of Corporate Development, the GSC comprises members from B2Holding’s business lines, human resources, risk, compliance and finance. The GSC ensures that the Group’s ESG strategy is anchored and implemented throughout the organization.

Furthermore, in 2020, all Group entities appointed a local sustainability ambassador to support and lead local initiatives, in addition to harmonizing with Group initiatives.

B2Holding’s governing documents

B2Holding has several policies that govern how the Group works with sustainability issues. Below is a selection of relevant policies:

  • Code of Conduct
  • Compliance Policy
  • Whistleblowing Policy
  • Anti-Corruption Policy
  • Anti-Money Laundering, Counter Terrorist Financing and Sanction Policy
  • GDPR Policy
  • Instructions for Handling Inside and Confidential Information
  • Investment Approval Policy
  • Group Transaction Team memo – Covid-19 and contractual impact
  • Tax Policy
  • Transfer Pricing Policy
  • Information Security Policy

B2Holding commitments

UN Global Compact

In early 2021 B2Holding became a signatory to the UN Global Compact, committing to its ten principles:

The Group supports public accountability and transparency and therefore commits to reporting on its progress within one year of joining the UN Global Compact and annually thereafter in the form of a Communication on Progress (COP) regarding the implementation of the ten principles.

These principles are implemented through internal policies and B2Holding’s Code of Conduct, which supports the fundamental goal of building and sustaining long-term relations with all stakeholders by maintaining high ethical standards in every decision made. By following the Code of Conduct, the Group wants to ensure that its business is conducted in a responsible and sustainable way. The Code of Conduct is available on the Company’s website.

Human Rights

B2Holding is committed to the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights as a common standard for the corporate responsibility to respect human rights.

B2Holding aims to create and maintain a safe and fair workplace with equal opportunities for all, fostering diversity and inclusion. The Group ensures working conditions that exceed minimum standards. New hires are trained and informed on their rights and obligations in terms of vacation, working hours, overtime, parental leave, and salary.

All Group entities are covered by Collective Bargaining Agreements unless national rules do not have one or the local company itself is not included because its size is below the threshold. B2Holding guarantees applicable national legislation in regard to working conditions. It is mandatory for all employees to receive Compliance training, including the Code of Conduct.