Cookie Policy

B2Holding ASA has implemented cookie files to improve the users’ experience and enable the customized and effective use of the website. Cookies are also applicable to improve the relevance and targeting of advertising, functionalities, and web page content.

What are the cookie files?

Cookies are text files processed on the user’s device during website browsing. Own cookies originate from the visited website. Third-party cookies derive from external providers, e.g., Google.

How to manage cookies files?

It is possible to manage the selection of active cookie files on the webpage according to user’s consent. Primarily third-party cookies can be managed, e.g., cookies related to webpage analytics or advertising personalization. Disabling these cookies can potentially disable some features on the website, reducing user experience quality.

However, the own cookies required for the website’s proper operation must always be functional and cannot be disabled (technical necessary cookie files).

The cookie files settings may be managed by clicking the cookies icon at the bottom of the webpage.

What kind of cookie files are used by the website?

Technically necessary cookies

These cookies are necessary for the website to function correctly and cannot be disabled.

  • _cooie-consent – own cookie, not processing personal data. It is used to remember the webpage user consent selection about cookie files. The cookie expires after one year.

Functional cookies

These cookies are necessary to avoid making the same choices every time visiting the website. Functional cookies store information about the use of the website and what options or preferences have been set.

  • _ga – records a particular ID used to come up with data about website use by the user. It is an HTTP cookie that expires after two years.

Statistical cookies

These cookies are necessary to improve the website performance and user experience during browsing. They store statistical information.

  • _gat – enables Google Analytics regulating the rate of requesting. It is an HTTP cookie type that lasts for a browsing session.
  • _gid – keeps an entry of unique ID, which is then used to come up with statistical data on website usage by visitors. It is an HTTP cookie type and expires after a browsing session.

Marketing cookies

These cookies collect information about user’s browsing patterns and content interests. They are managed by our partners and are used to target advertising, meeting user interests in an optimal manner. If these cookies are disabled, the relevance of ads decreases.

  • collect – sends data, such as visitor’s behavior and device, to Google Analytics. It is able to keep track of the visitor across marketing channels and devices. It is a pixel tracker-type cookie whose activity lasts within the browsing session.