Our people

Uniting culture cross borders

Our people are our most valuable resource and in a challenging year of a global pandemic, providing strong remote management as well as maintaining employment for our people has been the top priority. Our common people strategy has aimed to connect a diverse set of organizations with the Group, creating learning and synergies across the units.

The organization of B2Holding Group has matured during the year of 2020 and we left the year with a total of 2,390 employees, which equalled 2,191 full-time equivalents (FTEs). We have continued developing our organization along our two business lines and revitalized our vision, mission, and our common set of values to provide direction and a sense of belonging: Agility, Integrity, Diversity, Excellence and Responsibility.

We believe in



  • We seek to gain new knowledge and grow. Through constant development, we are able to adapt quickly and effectively to changing environments and to the needs of our business partners. We focus on solutions, not problems.


  • We follow the highest ethical principles and do the right thing in all situations. We stand for what is right and speak up when witness misconduct. We are honest, responsible, accountable, and dedicated, even when challenged. Integrity is the foundation on which we build trust.


  • We believe that a multicultural, inclusive, and diverse work environment is an asset. We value and respect people of different backgrounds and experiences. We create a company culture where everyone is welcome.


  • We always contribute to the best of our abilities and encourage our colleagues to do the same. We are committed to continuous improvement. We drive change and challenge ourselves to find better ways. Technology and digitalization are on top of our agenda to increase efficiency and foster a culture of innovation.


  • We are committed to our society and environment. We go beyond compliance. We are accountable for our actions.

People strategy

The Group people strategy relies on four main pillars to drive our culture of consistent behaviours and processes.

  • Talents: We retain talents by offering relevant career development opportunities as well as ensuring the Group delivers on the expectations from the future workforce.
  • Engagement: We acknowledge that high performance is strongly related to a high level of engagement in the workforce. By enabling employee-driven engagement groups we create proud employees that collaborate across teams and organizations.
  • Performance development: We move away from a monitoring performance management approach and towards a coaching, strength-based performance development model.
  • Leadership: With the usage of technology, we develop leadership behaviours, skills, and awareness across the Group. The culture program is dynamic and contributes to an overall alignment in the Group.

To enable relevant initiatives, we have spent 2020 preparing the launch of a common e-learning platform for all the entities in the Group. From this platform, we will deliver both local and Group learning content, generic and custom-made training for any and all areas of our business.

Agile organization

We have continued creating a stronger Group function to better drive the development of a common culture and to improve the support of the business units.

Our operating model is built on the advantages of our diversity in nationalities, genders, and cultures. With our presence in diverse geographies, we are exposed to and see the benefit of diverse thinking, but more importantly, it sets inclusion on the daily agenda.

B2Holding is structuring the organization to be equipped for disruption and swift changes in the market. We focus on implementing tools that drive learning and sharing between functions and units. Moreover, we are building a culture of curiosity and innovation.

Employees & Full-time equivalents (FTEs)

Employees7931 5972 390
Full-time equivalents (FTEs)7691 4222 191

Reward policy

The B2Holding Group has a target driven organization supported by a remuneration model based on various KPI’s. Our reward policy is a management tool that contributes to the Group’s profit and increased shareholder value and is designed to attract, retain, and develop qualified people with the right managerial and professional competencies. Reward includes all the instruments the organization and its managers have at hand and utilize, to encourage and reward performance. Reward includes base salary and benefits, annual bonus (short term incentive) and long-term incentives. Both short- and long-term incentives are designed to enhance value creation for the shareholders through quantified result-based targets. Reward also comprises competency development, job contents, career, and recognition.

A fundamental principle in B2Holding’s determination of total remuneration for the Management is that the terms are to be competitive with terms in positions with similar responsibility, workload, and complexity in the local markets. Reward markets are local, and B2Holding adapts to the local market practice to the extent the Group finds expedient.